6th Georgian Bay International Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry

Tuesday 23rd - Saturday 27th May, 2017

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CanBIC-6 will start on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017.

98 speakers have confirmed their attendance!

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Symposium S9  Participants have all been notified.

On Line Registration is now *open*.

Abstract submission *closed*.

The Coach leaves at 5 pm on Tuesday May 23rd from the Marriott Toronto Airport HOTEL.  Free shuttle every 20 minutes from the airport.  Takes less than 10 minutes.

We are delighted to announce that Prof Alison Butler (UC Santa Barbara) is the 2017 Plenary Lecturer.

CanBIC (1,2,3,4 & 5) photos are available on the Shutterfly site (see below for more details).

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CanBIC-6 in 2017 Conference: arrive Tuesday 23rd May - depart Saturday, 27th May, 2017.



Please note that to board a plane outside Canada to fly to Canada you will need an ETA paid for and registered before checking in at the airport! (Unless USA resident). More...

·Please e-mail Martin Stillman if you would like further information.

·Yes, the CanBIC Coach will drive to Toronto Airport on Saturday 27th morning in 2017 - leaving at 8 am and arriving at Pearson Airport (YYZ) at 11:30 am - please make sure your flights leave at least after 1:30 pm (especially if you are going to a US destination).

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·If you want to stay before or after CanBIC-6 in Toronto near the airport CanBIC currently has no active discounted rates for hotels at the YYZ Toronto Pearson airport – our apologies.

However, very good rates are available: we suggest

The Comfort Inn is about 1.5 kms North from the Marriott Hotel on Dixon Road (called Airport Road for the Comfort Inn).  Please book through a web application like Hotels.com

Comfort Inn Toronto Airport

2.5 stars.  6355 Airport Rd, Mississauga, ON, L4V1E4, Canada

Has a free Airport Shuttle and you could take a bus along Airport Road the Marriott Hotel or a cheap taxi ride on Tuesday.


Please book rooms at the Comfort Inn and the Parry Sound Inn and Suites (was Microtel Inn) (group code to come soon) early because both fill up.  Please call the hotel directly now – there are rooms but not on the web.  The Trapper Inn and other smaller hotels and B & B also fill up. Please see the Hotels page for links.

Thank you to our sponsors.

·Yes, there will be Music at CanBIC-6 again.
- free admission - on Wednesday and Thursday.

·Hotel Booking


Instead of a hotel room, there are several B&B's.


·Georgian Bay Day - Group picture from 2011

·Pictures from CanBIC-1-5 and CanBIC-1-5 Group Pictures (to come soon)

·Pictures from CanBIC-1

·And also here on Shutterfly.

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CanBIC Conference FAQ


Martin Stillman (conference chair)

Department of Chemistry,

The University of Western Ontario

London, Ontario , Canada N6A 5B7


Tel: 1-519-661-3821

FAX: 1-519-661-3022


e-mail: (Conference Administration) canbic@uwo.ca
(MJS) martin.stillman@uwo.ca




General questions concerning the CanBIC conference

  1. What is the subject of the conference?
  2. What is the impact on humans of this research?
  3. Where will the conference be held?
  4. When is the conference?
  5. Who can attend?
  6. Who will attend?
  7. How many speakers will attend?
  8. In total how many scientists will attend?
  9. Will only senior scientists participate?
  10. How many countries are represented?
  11. Who will open the conference?
  12. Will the research only be presented through lectures and talks?
  13. Are you using local suppliers?
  14. What do you think the economic impact is of holding a scientific conference in Parry Sound?
  15. How important is it to have the Stockey Centre available?
  16. Can I arrange to interview participants?
  17. How do I contact the organizers if I wish to obtain further information?


1)   What is the subject of the conference?


The role of metals in biology and synthetic applications to mimic and extend this functionality.

The toxicology of metals.

The measurement of metal interactions in biological molecules

The theoretical interpretation of properties of metals in biological systems.

Synthetic advances in making exciting new compounds that are based on naturally occurring molecules.

2)   What is the impact on humans of this research?

Metals are essential minerals in the diet of all mammals. Humans must eat above a minimum of about 25 essential elements to thrive. The research discussed in this conference includes the form and function of metals in humans.

Metals are also toxic, especially, metals like cadmium, arsenic, lead and mercury. Understanding the release of these metals and the ways that these metals are ingested or inhaled is critically important to human health. Understanding the toxic effects is vital to determining curative methods.

Finally, a number of metals show therapeutic activity – for example silver dramatically enhances healing following burns, platinum is used as an anti-cancer drug, gold can alleviate the effects of some arthritis.

3)   Where will the conference be held?

The Stockey Centre in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada

locally: 705.746.4466
toll free: 877.746.4466

4)   When is the conference?

Starts 8:20 am on Wednesday 23rd May, 2017 and formally ends at 10 pm Friday, 26th May.

5)   Who can attend?


6)   Who will attend?

Mostly scientists from around the world interested and actively researching the many roles of metals in organisms

7)   How many speakers will attend?

We expect about 80 scientists will give talks and a further 50 scientists will present posters, with a total attendance of over 150.

8)   In total how many scientists will attend?

We expect between 140 and 180.

9)   Will only senior scientists participate?

No, there will be a mix of senior and very junior scientists. In fact it is vitally important for the graduate students, and even undergraduate students, as well as postdoctoral fellows to take part and meet the senior scientists. Discussion of research is critical to development of ideas in science. We expect 40-50 junior scientists will participate.

10)         How many countries are represented?

Many, in Europe, the Americas, Japan and China

( Australia, Austria , Italy, Holland, Germany, England, Scotland, China, Hong Kong, Japan, the USA and Canada)

11)         What special events take place at the conference?

There will be formal Plenary Lecture in the afternoon of the last Friday given by an eminent scientist with an international reputation.

Two short classical music recitals to take advantage of the remarkable acoustics.

A Welcome Reception hosted by The University of Western Ontario. All three events are open to the public at no charge.

A special poster display of research carried out by the paarticipants on the Thursday evening.

12)         Will the research only be presented through lectures and talks?

While the lectures will continue from Wednesday morning at 8:20 am until Friday at 6:30 pm, a total of about 80 lectures, there will be a continuing Poster Presentation. Posters are presented by all researchers and take the form of a display of results and conclusions that will be on display from Wednesday noon. A specific Poster Session will take place in the Stockey Centre from 7-9:30 pm on the Thursday.

13)         Are you using local suppliers?

Yes, meals provided to the participants will be prepared by local restaurants and catering companies.

We will occupy about 100 hotel rooms.

We will use a local coach company to transport many participants from Toronto Pearson Airport to Parry Sound and back

We will use a local bus company to run a shuttle bust between the hotels and the Stockey Centre in the morning and evening on each of the three days of the conference.

We will rent the entire Stockey centre for 3 days.


14)         What do you think the economic impact is of holding a scientific conference in Parry Sound?

For CanBIC, we estimate an input of over $150,000 including accommodation over the three days. We will use about 100 hotel rooms for 4 or 5 nights plus the hospitality costs during the 3 days.


Also, many participants will arrive early or stay late and enjoy the beautiful environment or move into one of the Provincial Parks, or travel to towns that are now much more accessible, for example, Sudbury.

15)         How important is it to have the Stockey Centre available?

This conference could not be held in Parry Sound at all as we need up to three concurrent sessions as well as a large space for the entire conference to meet for the Poster Session. The Stockey Centre provides this facility. The staff at the Stockey Centre have been incredibly helpful in making our arrangements.

16)         Can I arrange to interview participants?

Preferably before the conference, contact Martin Stillman Chair (below) when the conference is running, please contact the Conference Hall Coordinator at the Stockey Centre.

locally: 705.746.4466
toll free: 877.746.4466

17)         How do I contact the organizers if I wish to obtain further information?

Martin Stillman, professor of chemistry at University of Western Ontario, in London, Ontario is the Chair of the conference and is available by phone: 519-661-3821 or e-mail: martin.stillman@uwo.ca.

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