6th Georgian Bay International Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry

Tuesday 23rd - Saturday 27th May, 2017

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CanBIC-6 will start on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017.

98 speakers have confirmed their attendance!

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Symposium S9  Participants have all been notified.

On Line Registration is now *open*.

Abstract submission *closed*.

The Coach leaves at 5 pm on Tuesday May 23rd from the Marriott Toronto Airport HOTEL.  Free shuttle every 20 minutes from the airport.  Takes less than 10 minutes.

We are delighted to announce that Prof Alison Butler (UC Santa Barbara) is the 2017 Plenary Lecturer.

CanBIC (1,2,3,4 & 5) photos are available on the Shutterfly site (see below for more details).

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· Please visit our FACEBOOK page: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/canbic.ca

 ·Click Here for the large CanBIC-6 Poster and here for the small Poster,

CanBIC-6 in 2017 Conference: arrive Tuesday 23rd May - depart Saturday, 27th May, 2017.



Please note that to board a plane outside Canada to fly to Canada you will need an ETA paid for and registered before checking in at the airport! (Unless USA resident). More...

·Please e-mail Martin Stillman if you would like further information.

·Yes, the CanBIC Coach will drive to Toronto Airport on Saturday 27th morning in 2017 - leaving at 8 am and arriving at Pearson Airport (YYZ) at 11:30 am - please make sure your flights leave at least after 1:30 pm (especially if you are going to a US destination).

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·If you want to stay before or after CanBIC-6 in Toronto near the airport CanBIC currently has no active discounted rates for hotels at the YYZ Toronto Pearson airport – our apologies.

However, very good rates are available: we suggest

The Comfort Inn is about 1.5 kms North from the Marriott Hotel on Dixon Road (called Airport Road for the Comfort Inn).  Please book through a web application like Hotels.com

Comfort Inn Toronto Airport

2.5 stars.  6355 Airport Rd, Mississauga, ON, L4V1E4, Canada

Has a free Airport Shuttle and you could take a bus along Airport Road the Marriott Hotel or a cheap taxi ride on Tuesday.


Please book rooms at the Comfort Inn and the Parry Sound Inn and Suites (was Microtel Inn) (group code to come soon) early because both fill up.  Please call the hotel directly now – there are rooms but not on the web.  The Trapper Inn and other smaller hotels and B & B also fill up. Please see the Hotels page for links.

Thank you to our sponsors.

·Yes, there will be Music at CanBIC-6 again.
- free admission - on Wednesday and Thursday.

·Hotel Booking


Instead of a hotel room, there are several B&B's.


·Georgian Bay Day - Group picture from 2011

·Pictures from CanBIC-1-5 and CanBIC-1-5 Group Pictures (to come soon)

·Pictures from CanBIC-1

·And also here on Shutterfly.

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CanBIC Volunteer Information

CanBIC-6 Volunteer Information

This menu will be used to provide schedule information for all the volunteers.

Thank you for helping this conference!

By all means email us: canbic@uwo.ca - subject: volunteer - for information on volunteering at the conference.

We expect to schedule you all for about 1/2 the conference leaving the other 1/2 and evening events* free.
Most of the jobs will involve being a student chair in the sessions helping with coffee and lunches and helping with the posters.

  • Responsibilities of the tech-chairs..
  • Overall - Each Invited Speaker talk is a total of 25 minutes long - including set up delays caused by the speaker! The new S9 sympsoium has a 15 minute maximum including eveything.
    There is a Faculty Chair - whose job is to introduce the next speaker and handle questions and keep on time.
    Tech Chair (= you) - whose job is to set the timer 20 minutes - help the Faculty Chair keep to time - and keep the computer going - set up the microphone in the Main Hall - show the speaker how to change slides with the remote pointer.

  • All Tech Chairs should report to their designated session 10 minutes prior to the talk in order to set up. Best to check at the end of the previous session that all is well - you can locate the pointer (and microphone-Main Hall).
  • Please introduce yourself to the Faculty Chairs and speakers at the start of the session so you know who is the chair, and who is speaking.
  • –Time keeping (Set the clock to 20 minutes - talking - let it beep unless the talk is finished - acknowledgments to his/her group etc. is counted in the 20 minutes - then if time permits set for 5 minutes questions - watch the clock keep exactly on time (to allow session-hopping) - be rigid!
    Well, at least make sure the Faculty Chair knows time has expired.
  • –Organizing presentations - locate all your talks on the desk top before you start - be aware that switching Mac-PC-Mac will cost you time and is fraught with problems - be quick to call for help if the switch doesn't go easily - best to switch over during questions from the previous speaker to give you time.
  • You must be able to operate a laptop (training will be given on the Wednesday morning at 7:30 am, before the conference).
  • Help with clean-up (especially at the end of the day) this is fun - as it only takes a few minutes with lots of hands.
  • We welcome volunteers to help us pack up the Poster Boards during lunch and the afternoon coffee break on Friday - many hand make much lighter work, thanks.
  • All Tech Chairs please meet Prof Ding and Gordon Irvine on the first day of the conference, Wednesday, at 7:30 am just outside the Main Hall in the Stockey Center to set up for the first sessions. Please catch the CanBIC Bus that leaves the Microtel Inn at 7:00 am -> Comfort Inn -> Stockey Centre -> Georgian Inn -> Microtel Inn (7:35) etc.
  • There will be a meet and greet session at the Western Reception on Wednesday at 8:45 pm.
  • We are pleased to be able to provide pizza during the short dinner break on Wednesday for volunteers. You can use your drink tickets and we will have soft drinks available.

    We are very pleased that you are able to help us run the conference. We are sure you will find it much more enjoyable to meet your fellow students as well as the speakers in your session.

  • Thank you,

  • Martin Stillman, CanBIC chair.
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  • Contact Martin Stillman: martin.stillman@uwo.ca Conference E-mail: canbic@uwo.ca
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