6th Georgian Bay International Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry

Tuesday 23rd - Saturday 27th May, 2017

Georgian Bay Evening" a water colour by John Stillman ©2006
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CanBIC-6 will start on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017.

98 speakers have confirmed their attendance! 

Symposium S9   Participants will be notified by March 30th!

On Line Registration is now *open*.

Abstract submission *open*.

We are delighted to announce that Prof Alison Butler (UC Santa Barbara) is the 2017 Plenary Lecturer.

CanBIC (1,2,3,4 & 5) photos are available on the Shutterfly site (see below for more details).

The DRAFT schedule will be posted here - we will alert participants in late April by email

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· Please visit our FACEBOOK page: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/canbic.ca

 ·Click Here for the large CanBIC-6 Poster and here for the small Poster,

CanBIC-6 in 2017 Conference: arrive Tuesday 23rd May - depart Saturday, 27th May, 2017.


·Please check several months (at least 3 and use couriers to trace) before the conference if you need a VISA to enter Canada. We will send a letter after full payment and an abstract have been received. Please note that to board a plane outside Canada to fly to Canada you will need an ETA paid for  and registered before checking in at the airport! (Unless USA resident). More...

·Please e-mail Martin Stillman if you would like further information.

·Yes, the CanBIC Coach will drive to Toronto Airport on Saturday 27th morning in 2017 - leaving at 8 am and arriving at Pearson Airport (YYZ) at 11:30 am - please make sure your flights leave at least after 2:30 pm (especially if you are going to a US destination).

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 Volunteer Tech Chairs - Thank you!  We now need you for CanBIC-6.  Please indicate that you would be able to assist by selecting the Volunteer Box on the Registration Page.

·If you want to stay before or after CanBIC-6 in Toronto near the airport - we have a good rate at the Marriott Hotel - please check out the Travel link in January, 2017.

·Please book rooms at the Comfort Inn and the Parry Sound Inn and Suites (was Microtel Inn) (group code to come soon) early because both fill up.  The Trapper Inn and other smaller hotels and B & B also fill up. Please see the Hotels page for links.

Thank you to our sponsors.

·Yes, there will be Music at CanBIC-6 again.
- free admission - on Wednesday and Thursday.

Student Volunteers

·Yes! We really need volunteers at CanBIC-6. Please see the latest message on the Volunteer Menu, thank you.  CanBIC-6 will be special - all volunteers receive a free Banquet Ticket.

·Hotel Booking


Instead of a hotel room, there are several B&B's.


·Georgian Bay Day - Group picture from 2011

·Georgian Bay Day - Group picture from 2013

·Georgian Bay Day - Group picture from 2015

·Pictures from CanBIC-1-5 and CanBIC-1-5 Group Pictures (to come soon)

·Pictures from CanBIC-1

·And also here on Shutterfly.

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The 6th Georgian Bay International Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry - CanBIC-6

About the Conference

Message From The Conference Chair

Message From The Chair, Department of Chemistry, University of Western Ontario

Message From The Mayor of Parry Sound

The photographs show scenes of the Stockey Centre and the Georgian Bay region in good weather and bad! Click 'Home' to rotate randomly through the selection.

In memory of C Frank Shaw III (1944 – 2016)

With great sadness we report the sudden death of our very dear friend Frank Shaw on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 in Normal, Illinois at the age of 72.

Frank and Martin began discussing the wonders of metallothioneins in 1986 when they decided to organize a Pacifichem symposium devoted to metallothioneins and similar proteins and molecules (December, 1990). From that meeting came the book "Metallothioneins: Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Metallothioneins, Phytochelatins and Metal-Thiolate Complexes", coedited by Frank, Kazuo Suzuki in Japan (deceased), and Martin. (Published, in 1992). Subsequently, after several meetings, Frank joined Martin and Nagao Kobayashi (then at Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan) to found the CanBIC conferences that take place every two years in Parry Sound, Ontario. The first of which ran in May, 2007. Frank was a stalwart organizer, a strong supporter of the CanBIC venture and a very good friend to all. He enjoyed the slightly quirky environment of the choice of Parry Sound for a serious international scientific conference - it amused him in the nicest of ways. Those who knew Frank will recognize his generous nature and the amusement he found in the Stockey Centre and the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame! He was arranging the speakers for CanBIC-6 that will take place in May 2017, when he died. Martin received a final message and spreadsheet file just an hour or so before he was found in his car about to drive home. We fondly remember his very many kindnesses and overall good humour for those last 30 years. We will miss him very much. We send our sympathies for this unfair, early loss to Meral, his wife and his children (Bryan and Jennifer) and his grandchildren.

We share a few memories of our friend from CanBICs in the past

Frank Shaw and Bill Browett 2009

Frank Shaw

Frank Shaw, Martin Stillman and Nagao Kobayashi in 2007





Message from Martin Stillman, Conference Chair
CanBIC-6 will take start on Tuesday evening, 23rd May, 2017 with Registration at the Microtel Inn, Parry Sound, with Opening Ceremonies at 8:30 am in the Stockey Centre Main Hall on Wednesday, 24th May. The Plenary Lecture by Prof Alison Butler (University of California at Santa Barbara) will end the conference late on Friday afternoon before the Banquet on Friday evening, 26th May, 2017. We will organize the CanBIC Coach from a hotel near Toronto's Pearson Airport (YYZ) on Tuesday 23rd afternoon (5 pm) returning on Saturday 27th at 8 am. (As a quick note: if you want to use the coach - and Parry Sound is 250 kms north of Toronto - aim to arrive at YYZ before 4 pm on the 23rd and leave after 2 pm on the 27th).

CanBIC-5 was a terrific success thanks to wonderful participants, Harry Gray as the Plenary Speaker, exciting science, a beautiful location and very hard-working teams of students, volunteers, and Stockey Centre staff. And, also, many thanks go to the three muscians for many magical moments. We are sure that CanBIC-6 will be as successful and invite you to join us. We invite youto check out the photos from the past 5 CanBICs - see "News" for urls. And, many of the CanBIC-5 talks were published as a special, CanBIC issue of J Inorganic Biochemistry as were the talks from CanBIC 1, 2, 3 and 4.

There will be 80 or more invited talks, a poster session with poster up for the full 3 days, and an oral session for graduates and PDFs, and of course, the Plenary Lecture. We have contracted the musicians once again for 2 short recitals on the Wednesday and Thursday evenings. The Welcome Recption will be on the Wednesday evening. We are pelased to report that the Island Queen boat is back in service and we are booked for a 2 hour cruise on Thursday afternoon, 25th May.

Please see the "Events" tab for scheduling details that we know at this point in time. Please note that the cheapest rates are in Janury, 2017 for all, and you need to register to be able to submit your absatrct. Deadlines are firm.

I am delighted to welcome you to CanBIC, a small and specialised conference devoted to the biological chemistry of metals to be held in this wonderful setting. The development of ever more powerful techniques both experimental and theoretical has allowed research to delve in detail into this remarkable chemistry. Where science has had a few hundred years to refine chemical mechanisms, Nature has had a billion years and the results are staggering in their exquisite refinement, from the delicate tuning that allows iron to bind oxygen reversibly to the miraculous operation of the nervous system, there is much to study and then mimic synthetically. There is a downside in the toxic effects of almost all metals at some concentration. These effects too need detailed and careful study. The symposia offered over the three days in Parry Sound bring together scientists from across the world who directly research these areas - the location in the beautifully rugged Parry Sound, Ontario will foster discussion and collaborations. We expect over 150 participants, including many from outside North America. We welcome students and pdfs and the Registration rates are significantly reduced from you. There are several hotels in Parry Sound of all rates - and all very close to the Stockey Centre - and even camping, as well as cottages, and you can easily share rooms with the typical North American layout of two large beds in moty rooms.

Come and celebrate Bioinorganic Chemistry in the rugged beauty of Georgian Bay. Plan to stay a few extra days to explore the coast and the Provincial Parks - especilly the fantastic Algonquin Park for canoeing and Killarney Provincial Park for exploring the fantastic scenery. (Check out both online).

We are excited to offer a contributed oral symposium (#9) for students and pdfs again in 2017 - from the submitted abstracts selected students and post docs will be invited to contribute an oral presentation in place of a poster. The key to an invitation is to plan ahead and submit your abstract for consideration early in 2017 (and well before the deadline!).

We note that the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Chemistry Conference takes place in 2017 and the National Canadian Chemistry Conference will be held in Toronto hosted by the University of Toronto immediately following the close of CanBIC, on 28th May - 1st June, 2017 (www.csc2017.ca),. (If you have colleagues who are organizing sympsoia it the CSC2017 confence, we suggest contacting them to alert them of your presence in Canada. The Bioinorganic Symposium is being organized by Deborah Zamble and Bernie Kraatz).

Welcome to CanBIC-6 and Parry Sound, as you start your summer feast of BioInorganic Chemistry!

Visitors to canbic.ca come from all round the world - and the system updates your country flag.

CanBIC-6 Registration and Abstract Submission all start in January, 2017.

Lowest rates are in January. Deadlines are firm.


By all means contact me at "cabic@uwo.ca" with any questions, we are here to assist you.

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Messages for CanBIC-5

Message from Professor Charmaine Dean,
Dean of the Faculty of Science,

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Georgian Bay International Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry. Your commitment to this area of research is superb and, indeed, critical, because of important concerns as well as interests globally on metals and their effects on biological systems. The fact that this conference is learning about fundamental aspects which drive the chemical mechanisms, thinking ahead to possible challenges facing the globe because of toxic effects of metals, discovering innovations related to opportunities for industry, and, importantly, bringing together interdisciplinary teams to accelerate activity in many areas simultaneously, makes the conference exceptional this year in terms of potential impact from this networking. Congratulations to Martin Stillman and the organizers for bringing together such a diverse and high-profile team of participants and a special thanks to Martin Stillman for his dedication to promoting and advancing this pressing research area. Do take the time to mentor the many young investigators who attend the meeting through informal discussions, perhaps while enjoying the spectacular beauty of the Georgian Bay. My best wishes to you for great successes through your presentations and discussions.

Charmaine Dean
Dean of Science
The University of Western Ontario


Message from Prof. Yining Huang,
Chair of the Department of Chemistry

On behalf of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Western Ontario, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 5th Georgian Bay International Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry. This conference series, known as CanBIC, has focused on the intricate connections and functions of metals in biological systems. Over the years, CanBIC has proven to be an excellent platform for exchanging ideas in a wide range of topics in bioinorganic chemistry. It has also created a setting where researchers from all over the world can interact synergistically and promoting new collaborations. There will be no exception this time. This conference would not be possible without Martin Stillman and his research group. I would like to thank them for their efforts in organizing what promises to be another unforgettable event. The Department of Chemistry has been supported this conference series for years and I am delighted to be able to continue the tradition and support this year’s meeting again. May you enjoy fruitful discussions, see old friends and make new acquaintances, and take time out to appreciate the beauty of Georgian Bay area.

Yining Huang

Professor and Chair Department of Chemistry,
The University of Western Ontario
Phone: 519-661-3122 Fax: 519-661-3022 www.uwo.ca/chem

Message From The Mayor of Parry Sound

The Town of parry Sound

52 Seguin Street, Parry Sound, Ontario P2A 1B4
Tel.: (705) 746-2101 Fax: (705) 746-7461 www.townofparrysound.com

On behalf of the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound it gives me great pleasure again to welcome all Conference Participants to the Town of Parry Sound for the 5th Georgian Bay International Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry. We are very honoured to have Scientists from many countries in our community to attend this conference hosted in our Charles W. Stockey Centre. Please take the opportunity to explore our Town and hopefully you will be able to return to our community as part of your leisure itinerary. .

Jamie McGarvey

Town of Parry Sound.

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